Well, it’s certainly been a long time since I’ve made, done, or thought anything, at least according to this blog. As it turns out, I’ve been quite busy with all of the above; I even tried to write about life happenings a couple times, but the posts just never felt *right*. Today, however, I’m back … Continue reading back.

enjoying spring.

In keeping with the spirit of Western Washingtonians, I’m going to say something negative about our near flawless weather: It sometimes feels as though we are stuck in perpetual winter as the spring months stretch on. The weather tends to warm in only the smallest of increments from the already semi-balmy (from a Midwesterner’s point … Continue reading enjoying spring.

making lists.

One of my all-time favorite things to do is list things. Honestly, it’s probably not one of my best traits. I have a terrible propensity for planning things down to the last detail, listing out the steps required to achieve perfection, and then getting bored. If I did everything that I’ve ever listed out, I’d … Continue reading making lists.


Recently, while perusing a friend’s blog for the first time, I came across a post she had written about what “home” means to her. It was a beautifully simple and touching post, and between that and current events in my own life I could feel the burn of impending tears as I reached the end. … Continue reading home.