enjoying spring.

In keeping with the spirit of Western Washingtonians, I’m going to say something negative about our near flawless weather: It sometimes feels as though we are stuck in perpetual winter as the spring months stretch on. The weather tends to warm in only the smallest of increments from the already semi-balmy (from a Midwesterner’s point of view) temperatures of January and February.This faltering trudge of rising temperatures is cloaked behind a grey mist the Dementors of Azkaban would be proud to call their own work. As a result, it’s rather easy to avoid acknowledging that 45 degrees and cloudy is, in fact, an improvement over 35 degrees and steadily raining.

That being said, Spring, despite her timid demeanor, sometimes offers a glorious, heart-meltingly beautiful smile which reminds all of her spectators that she will, someday soon, develop into a dazzling summer. Today is one of those days. The color of the sky would make Crayola ashamed of their interpretation, the clouds could have been plucked directly from the artwork of cotton ball wielding children, and, best of all, the temperatures have rocketed straight to the lower 60’s.

I once read a local blogger describe Spring as a virgin. I would maybe adjust this to “a tease”, but the sentiment is the same: Spring makes you wait. Even worse, she makes you wait while flashing you small glimpses of what you could be having if she weren’t so chilly. Still, I have to say that I rather like Spring. She may be a tease, but she’s also undeniably lovely.Image


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